Central YMCA

All community based programs are open to public. They are designed to meet the changing needs of today's youth and families.

Kingswood Academy is an alternative school where students work toward re-entry to their home school. While attending Kingswood, students receive academic instruction in addition to YMCA workshops and training in decision-making, career planning, conflict resolution, communication, cultural identity, family values, parenting, and entrepreneurial readiness. For more information, contact K. El Shabazz: kel-shabazz@ymcade.org.

Wilmington Prevention Coalition
The Wilmington Prevention Coalition (WPC) is a collaboration of Wilmington residents, non-profits, houses of faith, State agencies, political leaders and others who have joined forces to reduce alcohol, marijuana and other substance abuse among Wilmington residents with specific focus on youth and adults ages 12-25. The WPC is implementing evidenced based programming to address this issue and population through evidenced based programs such as Stewards of Children, IM40 and Community Trials. In addition, the Y always avails itself to alternative activities through Y programming.

The Walnut Street YMCA hosts the Christina Adult Education GED program. If you are interested, stop by the Walnut Street YMCA's front desk to complete a pre-enrollment form.
Day: Tuesdays and Thursdays
Times: 9:00 am to 12:00 noon
Location: Walnut Street YMCA

Fee: Free

Various facilities within the YMCA are available for use by outside groups. The space at the Y is both flexible and functional for events such as birthday parties, church gatherings, family reunions, clubs or social extracurricular activities. Make your plans now! Enjoy these
Y facilities: swimming pool, gym, multipurpose room(s), racquetball courts, and much more. For more information contact Deon Booker at dbooker@ymcade.org or 472-YMCA ext: 225

In cooperation with the Delaware Division of Youth Rehabilitative Services (DYRS), Back on Track serves youth adjudicated to Level II probation. While participating in Back on Track, youth participate in life skills education sessions to understand the nature of their offense, recognize its impact on the community, and learn skills to prevent reoccurrence. Youth also have the opportunity to participate in a supervised community service project through Back on Track. For more information, contact Brenda Overton, boverton@ymcade.org.

IM40: Young Health Program
Our young people are assets to their schools, their community and those they encounter. Let's help foster their assets and provide additional ones through the various programs we have here at the Y. Visit www.im40.org to discover your assets and to learn where you can go to discover the assets in the community around you.

Non-Denominational Services and Bible Study
Non denominational worship services are provided by Dan Von Fricken:
Day & Time: Sundays from 11 am – 1 pm
Location: Central YMCA – Wilmington Room

Bible Study services are provided by Hope for a Better Tomorrow Ministries (HFABT):
Day & Time: Tuesdays from 7 pm – 8:15 pm
Location: Central YMCA – Wilmington Room

The Central YMCA's residence program provides housing for men 18 years and older. Many residents are experiencing some crisis in their lives that places them in need of shelter. Our goal is to provide a safe and affordable housing option. Our housing program also offers referral and assistance programs, as well as partnerships with other social service agencies to assist in addressing life issues. To be eligible for our residence program you must fill out an application and meet certain guidelines. In our residence program, we strive to support our member's spirits, minds, and bodies. For an application or more information contact contact Dara Westerman at 302-571-6950 ext. 101
o $100 refundable security deposit required
o $445 monthly rent
o $130 weekly rent