Camp Tockwogh changes lives!

Camp Tockwogh changes lives! It has helped my children and me. My children, Michael and Melissa, beg me every summer to let them go back to Camp Tockwogh because they have “a blast” and make nice friends. Raising my children as a single mother has been difficult. We live in a neighborhood where crime is high, and unfortunately, playing outside can be risky. Camp Tockwogh provides a safe environment for Michael and Melissa, and it brings me peace of mind because I know they are being cared for and are having fun with friends. Tockwogh is a place that makes them feel welcomed and right at home. Additionally, the Tockwogh staff are the greatest. They never make me feel bad because I need assistance through the scholarship program and they are always there to help get my children to camp. Thank you to the YMCA for all you do.

– Lisa  (Michael and Melissa’s mom)

Our Mission

The YMCA is an association of people of all ages, ethnic groups and religious affiliations that strives to cultivate the human potential, self-esteem, and dignity of all people. Our organization exists to develop and practice the Christian principles of love, caring, inclusiveness, justice and peace…and to enrich the emotional, physical and social life of all individuals, families and our community.