Delaware Public Media / NPR (WMPH 91.7 in Wilmington / WDDE 91.1 in Dover): Brandywine YMCA Announces Expansion

The Brandywine YMCA in Wilmington will start a 16,000-square-foot expansion this spring.

YMCA of Delaware CEO Deborah Bagatta-Bowles said the addition is needed to accommodate the Brandywine YMCA’s growing membership and community programs.

“We want to not only bring all of the family into the YMCA, but also extend the life of a membership for someone as they get older,” she said.

The addition will include adding adaptive fitness equipment for patrons with limited mobility and renovated preschool classrooms.

Bagatta-Bowles said the YMCA still needs to raise $1.5 million of the $5 million price tag through a community support campaign.

“We hope to start to lay some steel in the spring,” she said.

Construction is scheduled to be completed in spring 2018.
December 2, 2016

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