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With the Y Connect Referral program, it pays to help your friends and loved ones stay healthy and active as members of the Y. Plus, the Y is more fun with friends!

How does it work?

  • Non-Y Members: Join with a friend and you both receive 10% off your monthly membership fees; find another friend, and you can save another 10%.
  • Current Y Members: You can save too! Receive 10% off your monthly membership fee for every friend you refer (up to a 20% discount). Plus, your referred friend also receives the discount!
  • Every Connection Counts! Every connection with a friend affords everyone 10% off (up to 20%) for as long as every one remains a YMCA member. If you lose a connection, you have 30 days to refer a new friend and maintain your discount.

Click here to see a breakdown of potential savings.

What is the Y Connect Referral Program?
The Y Connect Referral Program allows new members and current members to save up to 20% off their monthly membership fees just for being connected. Friends can join together or be referred by a current member and BOTH people can save as long as they BOTH remain members!

What is the discount and how do I get it?
Join with a friend and you both receive 10% off your monthly membership fees; find another friend, and you can save another 10%. Same goes for current members! Receive 10% off for every person you refer (up to a 20% discount). Plus, your referred friend also receives the discount!

Who can participate in this program when they join the Y?
Current and new full-pay members are eligible. A new member is anyone who has not previously terminated their membership within the last 12 months. To qualify for the discount, members must be in good standing with payments and pay standard-rate membership dues through monthly electronic withdrawals. You may not combine the Y Connect Program with any other discount program.
Note: Youth memberships are not eligible for this program.

Who can refer new members?
Anyone, but only non-discounted membership types will receive the discount. Note: Youth memberships are not eligible for this program.

Can I be referred by two current members so I can save 20%?
No, you can only be referred by one current member.

How long does the discount last?
You can keep your discount as long as any other members you are connected to also remain members (do not terminate or change to a different discount/type).

Can this discount be combined with any other discounts?
No. It cannot be combined with any other discounts including the Open Doors Financial Assistance program, the Corporate Partnership Program or Purchase of Care, etc.

If I already receive a discount and do not qualify for the Y Connect discount, can I still refer a friend?
Yes. Should your friend decide to join, they can still receive the Y Connect discount as long as you are both members.

Can a current member terminate and rejoin with another current member under the Y Connect program?
No. To qualify as a new member, you cannot have previously had a membership within the last 12 months.

If I am a current member, and I have a friend that is a current member, can they recruit me as their connection?
No. Current members cannot recruit other current members. To be eligible for the Y Connect Program you will need to refer someone new who has not been a member within the last 12 months.

What happens if my friend cancels their membership?
You will receive an email explaining that you have 30 days to recruit a new friend and maintain your discount. If a new friend is not found after 30 days, your monthly rate will return to your original membership rate.

Can I refer (connect to) more than two people?
Yes. You can refer (or connect to) more than two people, but you will not receive more than a 20% discount.

What is the benefit of referring (connecting to) more than two people?
Referring more than two members will allow you to have “backups” in the event that one of your friends (connections) terminates their membership.

Do both members need to belong to the same YMCA of Delaware branch?
No. Members can join any YMCA of Delaware location that is most convenient to them. For a full list of our locations, click here.

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