Middletown Transcript: Memberships double as Middletown YMCA hosts grand opening

Staff members at the Middletown YMCA hosted the grand opening of the fitness center Jan. 28, after conducting their soft opening on Jan. 1.

In a previous article, Middletown Facility Manager David Halley noted that the new facility had accumulated 907 individual memberships. Since that time, the number of individual memberships has grown considerably.

“Our membership has grown, in fact, it has almost doubled. The feedback from the community has been very positive,” Halley said, noting that the current number of memberships was nearing 2,000. “Locals are happy that we are here. Members are saying that they like the welcoming and intimate feel of this ‘Y’. They like the design of the facility and the class offerings.”

Member Mandy Williams confirmed Halley’s statement, expressing her relief that there was finally a local YMCA.

“I used to go to the facility in Bear, which used to be the closest,” Williams said. “However, once this one opened, between the price and location, you just can’t beat it.”

Williams explained that for herself and two children, she paid about $77 a month at the Bear location. The family plan for a Middletown member is currently $59 a month.

“I work in Middletown, my little girls go to Middletown, so this location is much more convenient,” Williams said. “Since I’ve switched, everyone has been super accommodating, happy, and pleasant. I don’t take any of the classes that are offered, but I normally do my own thing with weights and a little bit of cardio.

“It is a very modern facility. They did a great job with the equipment and the décor. It just feels nice coming in, it really does.”

Williams said the Middletown location is a lot like the Bear location, only smaller, however, according to Halley that may not last much longer.

There have been plans to expand into a bigger facility in the next three to five years, however, the chances of expanding at the current location is a good possibility as well.

“Nothing is set in stone. We are still looking at different options, but there is the possibility of us expanding at this location,” Halley said. “Giving members access to a pool is in the works still, and we should have more information on that in a month or so.

According to Williams, the smaller size and lack of the pool will do little to deter Middletown residents from joining the Middletown YMCA.

“The people of Middletown have been waiting for a ‘Y’ for a very, very long time,” Williams explained. “Honestly, the lack of a youth center and pool will not push anyone away, but when they finally do get a pool it will be jam packed.”

While a pool is still in the works, new classes have been introduced to the program. Since the soft opening an abs & glutes class has been added, as well as POUND, which implements the use of drumsticks as part of the exercises, Stronger Together, Senior Strength, and a step class.

Halley also noted that the YMCA will be hosting weekly summer camps at Silver Lake Elementary School from June 19-Aug. 11. The camps will range from$175-$225. They will also be offering financial assistance for the camps with more information available at www.ymcade.org/membership/financial-assistance.

For more information on the happenings at the Middletown YMCA visit www.ymcade.org/locations/middletown-ymca.

Source: http://www.middletowntranscript.com/news/20170207/memberships-double-as-middletown-ymca-hosts-grand-opening


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