Middletown Transcript: YMCA opens in Middletown

Fitness center already boasts over 1,000 members

The Middletown Family YMCA has opened its doors and the staff members of the new fitness facility are hoping to make a splash.

“It’s been an idea to come to Middletown for a long time,” said David Halley, the Middletown Family YMCA Center Director. “We only just got the location set about six weeks ago, so since then everything has moved pretty quick.”

The facility officially opened on Jan. 1, but the first full day of operation was Jan. 3. A formal ribbon cutting will be held later this month.

The building is located at 404 N. Cass St., about four blocks north of Main Street. North Cass Street is the first street west of The Everett Theatre.

Since the announcement that the fitness center would open in Middletown, enrollment has grown quickly, garnering 907 “founding members,” according to Halley, with more joining since opening day.

“Founding members are those who joined on as a member before January 2017,” Halley explained. “They each received a sweatshirt and are extended 10 dollars off their membership each month for 2017. However, while we aren’t extending the deadline to gain the title, we are extending the benefits of the being a ‘founding member’ for those who join by Jan. 31, 2017.”

The Middletown facility features a variety of services that come free to members, including a child care center for children six weeks of age to 12 years old. They also offer a variety of workout classes, such as Zumba, Bodypump, Cycle, Yoga, Bootcamp, Bodycombat, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), and LIFE (Low Impact Fitness Experience), which is a class designed specifically for seniors or those with joint troubles.

While these are all the current classes that the Middletown YMCA offers, they are open to and actively seeking the opinions of community residents on what they believe should be added to the schedule or dropped.

“We were really surprised by the amount of 55-plus communities in Middletown,” Halley said. “We were expecting a good portion of the members to come from the families that have moved to Middletown, but surprisingly, we have had a lot of seniors join, and we are ready to add a few classes to suit their needs to adjust to that.”

While the facility features a movement center and a state-of-the-art fitness center that includes cardio equipment, a strength circuit and free weights, it doesn’t have a pool.

“We have had a lot of questions about when we are going to get a pool,” Halley said. “Right now, we are planning on talking to the mayor, and hoping to have a pool ready by this summer.”

He said plans are in place to add to the current building and possibly open a larger location.

“In addition to a pool, we are also looking to expand, and even move,” Halley said. “The main thing was to get a presence here in Middletown, and with over 1,000 members already, I think we are accomplishing that. However, this location is not permanent, and we will be looking to have a more permanent facility in the next three to five years.”

He said the YMCA will also offer a summer camp for children at Middletown’s Silver Lake Elementary School.

For more information, call (302) 616-9622 or see the website www.ymcade.org.


Source: http://www.middletowntranscript.com/news/20170105/ymca-opens-in-middletown

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