Ronnie Wilckens

Born and raised in Delaware, Ronnie served in the Marines for 16 years with four active service tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Fighting on the front lines, he laid his life on the line while disabling explosive devices in active war zones. Ronnie lost close friends, witnessed tragedies, and struggled to stay close with his loved ones while fighting for our country’s freedom.

When Ronnie retired from the military, he returned home to Dover to build a better life with his family. His time abroad had not been easy; his relationship with his wife had become strained and the country he had defended had changed over the 16 years he spent abroad.

Ronnie and his wife joined the Y to get their daughters involved in the swim team. More than that, the Y has provided a place for his whole family to connect, and it has helped them lead healthier lives.

A recipient of financial assistance and a part of the Y’s commitment to our armed services, Ronnie now uses the Y regularly. Ronnie says, “The YMCA helped bring me and my family closer together. It saved my family, and I want people to know that donations to the Y don’t go to waste; they change people’s lives.”


Our Mission

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