At the YMCA, we know the 7th grade is a pivotal and transitional time for youth which is where these free YMCA memberships for 7th grade students come in. As kids face adolescence’s challenges, they are more likely to begin distancing themselves from formal organizations, friends, and family, and begin to experiment with unhealthy behaviors.

We are dedicated to providing a safe place where youth are supported and encouraged to make good decisions and form healthy habits. We believe it’s crucial to set the foundation for a healthy lifestyle at a young age.

GOALS for program

  • Provide a safe and secure place for teens
  • Promote character values
  • Increase physical and mental wellness
  • Support healthy exercising and eating habits
  • Establish a sense of belonging, achievement and build relationships
  • Have fun!

*Some restrictions and/or fees may apply.


Registration for our 7th grade initiative is easy. Students, along with a parent or guardian, simply need to bring proof of 7th-grade status (a school id, class roster, class schedule, or a recent report card), and the completed forms below to any YMCA of Delaware location. Membership is valid from September – June of the student’s 7th grade school year. *Some fees may apply.


Who qualifies for the free 7th grade membership?
Delaware residents who are in 7th grade.

Does the Y have free memberships for 8th graders, 6th graders, or other grades?
No. Currently, we are only offering free memberships to students in the 7th grade.

Why 7th grade?
Seventh grade is a pivotal and transitional time for many teens – sports become more competitive and provide less opportunity for the average child to be involved in physical activity. Additionally, it is a time when teens are usually given more freedom to choose how they spend their free time. Habits that begin in the 7th grade are likely to continue into adulthood.

At the Y, we want to support and encourage kids to make good decisions and form healthy habits that lead to a healthy lifestyle.

Does the 7th grader have to go to a school in Delaware?
Yes. This membership is only for 7th graders who go to school (or live) in the state of Delaware.

How long is the membership effective?
Membership is good from September – June of the student’s 7th grade school year.

What do I need to bring to prove that the student is in 7th grade?
You will need to show a school Id, recent report card, class roster, or class schedule.

What if the student is homeschooled?
They will need to show proof that they follow a home school curriculum.

 I don’t have a YMCA membership. If I sign my 7th grader up for a membership, can I workout with them — will I also get a free membership?
This free membership is only available for current 7th graders. However, we would love for you to join the Y! We can give you a tour and talk about what membership options could be best for you.

I have an existing membership that includes a 7th grader, do I get a discount?
Since many of our memberships are not based on a per person cost, no. However, if the 7th grader is the only youth on the membership and you have a one adult family membership, you can downgrade to an adult and have the youth do the free membership. Don’t’ forget to cancel/transfer your member to the free 7th grade membership if you currently have a student membership.

I just found out about this program, can I get reimbursed for the months I have already been paying for my 7th grader?

If I have more than one 7th grader in my family (i.e. twins or triplets), is my family still eligible for this membership?

Can a 7th grader sign up for this membership on his/her own, or does a parent/guardian need to be present to sign and complete the 7th grade membership application?
No, a 7th grader cannot sign up on his/her own. Parents/guardians need to be present to complete and sign the membership application, sign the parent agreement and the behavioral expectations form.

Are there any special activities for 7th graders? What can they do at the Y?
We have many things that they can do (play basketball; use the pool; work out in the fitness center*; sign up for youth personal training; participate in a group exercise class; and enjoy teen activities at the Y.

For a fee, 7th graders can also sign-up for safety courses like CPR, Babysitting, First Aid; summer camp; participate in teen programs like soccer, instructional basketball, flag-football and more; join teen leadership programs).

*In order to work out in the fitness center, the student must complete an orientation – you can sign up for your orientation when you activate your membership.


Our Mission

To empower youth, foster healthy living, and promote strong communities.


Healthy Kids Day - Saturday, April 20th

Healthy Kids Day events are free, full of family fun, and open to non-members! Join us for games and activities to keep kids moving and learning. Learn More!