Central Massage Spa

Welcome to the Central YMCA Massage Spa in Wilmington, Delaware! Discover a world of serenity and self-care where relaxation meets rejuvenation. Our tranquil oasis invites you to unwind, recharge, and indulge in blissful moments. Whether you seek relief from stress, muscle tension, or simply desire a pampering escape, our skilled therapists are here to guide you on a journey of wellness. Explore our menu of signature massages, each designed to soothe your body, mind, and spirit. At the Central YMCA Massage Spa, we believe that self-care is an essential part of a balanced lifestyle. Come experience the magic of healing touch and embrace well-being.

Massage Options

Breathe Deep (Deep Tissue) 

A service not for the faint of heart. This service focuses on 2-3 regions of problematic restriction and pain, not full body service, and uses concentrated gradual, deep massage techniques to: loosen soft tissue adhesions, release “stuck” muscles and aide in alleviating structural deviations.

  • Member: 60 min: $75 | 90 min: $105 
  • Non-member: 60 min: $105 | 90 min: $130


The ultimate in relaxation for expectant mothers seeking relief from tension and soreness during the last two trimesters of pregnancy. This loving treatment provides comfort and safety for both baby and mother with gentle cushioning and relaxing, flowing strokes.

*performed only if 13 weeks or greater, no essential oils will be used during service*

Member: 60 min: $75 | 90 min: $105 
Non-member: 60 min: $105 | 90 min: $130  

Peak Performance

Specifically created for the Athlete and physically active guest. This in vigorous massage incorporates the perfect fusion of deep tissue techniques with resistance work and range of motion movements to promote healing and injury prevention. An excellent way to rejuvenate overworked and sore muscles.

Member: 60 min: $75 | 90 min: $105 
Non-member: 60 min: $95 | 90 min: $115

Recover-Me  (injury/surgical recovery)

A unique blend of massage techniques incorporated by our knowledgeable therapists designed to increase soft tissue flexibility, foster faster tissue healing and ultimately quicken the speed of return to activity.

Member: 60 min: $75 | 90 min: $105        
Non-member: 60 min: $105 | 90 min: $130

Rejuvenating Retreat

Relax and rejuvenate fatigued and tense muscles with the rhythmic, fluid and soothing movements of our classic full body Swedish massage. Designed to invoke a sense of well being and comfort, this treatment reduces unwanted stress while restoring balance and harmony for body, spirit and mind. Perfect for the first time spa guest.

Member: 60 min: $75 | 90 min: $105     
Non member: 60 min: $95 | 90 min: $115

Serenity Stone Massage

Melt away the tension and fatigue of the daily grind with the euphoric glow and balance of this “poetry in motion” stone massage. A synergistic blend of warmed and cooled stones is perfectly orchestrated to rejuvenate, refresh and re-energize the body. Semi-precious stones are also incorporated; lovingly placed to restore balance, and enliven the senses.

Member: 75 min: $105   
Non-member: 75 min: $120

True Wellness

Allow our highly skilled therapists to create the perfect blend of therapeutic massage techniques “tailor made” to combat muscular fatigue, fluid retention and ease chronic discomfort. Ideal for those individuals seeking detailed, focused work or overall strong massage pressure.

Member: 60 min: $75 | 90 min: $105    
Non-member: 60 min: $95 | 90 min: $115


Aromatic Hot Towel Infusion

Tension and stress do not stand a chance against this luxurious addition of thermal healing. Experience balance and harmonious bliss as the body unwinds and escapes the tension of the day. Steeped aromatic towels are delicately applied and massage into fatigued muscles, refreshing and rejuvenating body and mind.
Member: $20
Non-member: $30

Heated Bamboo

Warmed bamboo sticks are incorporated into the massage to assist in the lengthening and release of restricted “fascial” tissue. Releasing this outer layer of “wrapped tissue” helps to re-align tight and taught muscle fibers and undue patterns of tissue tension.
Member: $20
Non-member: $30

Scintillating Scalp Treatment

Complete your spa visit with relaxation from head to toe with our decadent, stimulating lime scalp treatment. Warmed oil is delicately dropped throughout the scalp, then vigorously massaged to nourish and relax tense head and facial muscles.
Member: $15
Non-member: $25


Our Mission

To empower youth, foster healthy living, and promote strong communities.