Tomorrow Monroe

After the loss of her oldest child and a cancer diagnosis, Tomorrow was in search of some much-needed stability and normalcy for her and her two children. “I was struggling. I couldn’t work. I had depression, anxiety, and PTSD. But I knew I had to keep moving.”

Thanks to financial assistance funded by donor support, Tomorrow and her family were able to sign up for a membership at the Brandywine YMCA. Her children, Trevor and Tamara, participated in karate and ballet and she signed up for the LIVESTRONG at the YMCA program. LIVESTRONG at the YMCA creates a welcoming community in which cancer survivors can develop supportive relationships and improve their quality of life through physical activity and emotional support.

Today, Tomorrow’s physical outlook is good. With renewed zeal and an unbroken faith that has been a touchstone through it all, she is preparing to reenter the workforce. “I have been blessed.”


Our Mission

The YMCA is an association of people of all ages, ethnic groups and religious affiliations that strives to cultivate the human potential, self-esteem, and dignity of all people. Our organization exists to develop and practice the Christian principles of love, caring, inclusiveness, justice and peace…and to enrich the emotional, physical and social life of all individuals, families and our community.


All YMCA of Delaware locations are currently closed.

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