Middletown Transcript: Middletown YMCA summer camp has its own ‘unique flavor’

By Laura Pugh

Since coming to Middletown, David Halley manager of the Middletown YMCA has been trying all sorts of things to gain a presence in the community. Now, with summer approaching ever so quickly, he and the Middletown ‘Y’ will present their very own Summer day camp for children of all ages.

“This is a brand new camp, just for here in Middletown, and it will have its own unique flavor,” said Halley. “However, it will have a similar structure to that of other Delaware YMCA’s, in terms of structure.”

Halley noted that every YMCA summer camp is different in its own way, but it isn’t necessarily the instructors or planners that make it that way. Instead, it is the people that come to the camp that help that community’s camp build its own unique tradition.

“Here in Middletown, I think that the location of this camp will make it special,” Halley said of the event that will be held at Silver Lake Elementary School, park and pool. “The set-up is absolutely amazing. You have the indoor space of the school, and then a beautiful park and pool. I just think, in general, that people will just love the whole set-up of the camp.”

Halley stressed that this camp will be different from most other summer camps.

“We are offering different types of camps, each that will give a different experience,” Halley said. “The ‘Traditional’ camp is more of your basic camp, where you do a field trip, go swimming some days, and rotate through different stations like arts and crafts. However, if you are looking for something different, we are offering sports camps, but if you are looking for something even more different we are also offering ‘Specialty’ camps.

Halley described the specialty camps more theme based, and concentrate more heavily on field trips.

“We have Zoomania, which will focus on going to a lot zoos. We also have Water Park Party, where we will be going to a lot of outdoor water parks,” Halley said. “My favorite, though, is probably is Dream Vacation, which includes a trip to the most popular summer field trips, so talk about a variety of experiences.”

Another event coming up at the Middletown YMCA is Healthy Kids day, on April 29, which is also a national event. However, Halley noted that they are tying in the summer camp, by allowing parents to register children at the event.

“Typically our registration for our summer day camp is online,” Halley said. “But, on that Saturday, we are going to take registrations in person.”

The Middletown’s summer day camps will begin Monday, June 19 and run through Friday August 11. The camps run Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information, or to register online go to https://www.ymcade.org/campsilverlake.


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