In May, the YMCA of Delaware hosted a press conference to announce the expansion of our “Y for All’’ Adaptive Fitness Program to include the Dover YMCA. The “Y for All” Program is meant to reduce barriers for individuals with physical challenges, disabilities, or issues related to balance and/or stamina.

“The possibility of mainstreaming individuals with disabilities into a community fitness setting, instead of limiting them to a medical or physical therapy room, is an outcome we hope to achieve,” said Sue Herr, Senior Executive Director at the Dover YMCA. “At the Y, we continually strive to provide opportunities for everyone to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.”

To date, the Dover YMCA has installed three overhead suspension systems in the Fitness Center and two in the Fitness Studio. An adjustable harness is attached to the suspension system and allows individuals to use cardio equipment like a treadmill, participate in group exercise classes including Zumba and BodyFlow, or perform other exercises from a standing position.

In addition to learning more about the program, attendees at the press conference were able to see live demonstrations of the suspension system in the Fitness Center as well as in the Fitness Studio. The event was well attended by community partners, members, staff and people interested in the program. Additionally, there was good attendance from the press including reporters from the Dover Post, WDEL 101.1 FM and 1150 AM, NBC 10, ABC 47 and FOX 21.

The YMCA of Delaware also has installed overhead suspension systems at its Bear-Glasgow branch. In addition, they are currently finalizing the installation of equipment at the Western Family Y and plan to add adaptive fitness equipment at other Ys across the state of Delaware.

Member Bob Seaburg demonstrates the use of the suspension system on the treadmill.
Member Robin Provost demonstrates the use of the suspension system in the movement studio during a Zumba Light class.

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