Youth in Government (YIG)

The Youth in Government (YIG) Program offers model legislative and judicial experiences for youth in grades 6 –12. Students learn by doing and have the opportunity to try their hand at leadership in an open and receptive learning environment. We also provide the press and lobbyist experience.

Grades 6-8

Weekly meetings begin in the fall, leading up to this one-day conference held in November.  Students will have the chance to learn about the legislative process, debate parliamentary procedure, and work with students from across the state to develop solutions to problems they see facing Delaware. Plus, they have tons of fun!

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Weekly meetings begin in January and will continue as we lead up to the one-day training, elections, conference and both the Model Legislative and Judicial conferences in the spring. Each conference will take place in Dover, Delaware at Legislative Hall and the Kent County Court House.

School Delegations: Charter School of Wilmington, Caravel Academy, Archmere Academy and more. If you are interested in starting a Youth in Government delegation at your school, please contact Jascelyn Parson ([email protected]) for more information.

Registration begins on: 

  • Middle School | July 1st
  • High School | November 1st

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We allow students to attend the first meeting without making any commitment. At their first delegation meeting, they will receive all of the information they need for the program and our online registration link.


  • MODEL LEGISLATIVE & JUDICIAL PROGRAM (Grades 9-12): Registration begins November 1, 2024.
  • JR. MODEL LEGISLATURE (Grades 6-8): Registration begins July 1, 2024.

For more information about joining, contact Jascelyn Parson at [email protected].

  • Middle School Conference: $125
  • High School Conference: $325

Financial Assistance

Due to our generous supporters who contribute each year, we are able to help reduce the cost from $500 to the prices listed above for all delegates. Additional financial assistance is available.



  • President of the Senate: Arianna Li | Western Family YMCA
  • Speaker of the House (McKean):  Samantha Warriner | Western Family YMCA
  • Speaker of the House (Read): Elizabeth Yue | Charter School of Wilmington
  • Secretary of the Senate: Sahaj Amin | Charter School of Wilmington
  • Chief Clerk of House (McKean): Emaan Ehtasham | Western Family YMCA
  • Chief Clerk of House (Read): Gregory Earle | Middletown Family YMCA


  • Youth Chief Justice: Alicia Chu | Archmere Academy
  • Associate Justices:
    • Pamela Argudo-Rodriguez | Charter School of Wilmington
    • Alexis Kupchik | Charter School of Wilmington
    • Suhani Mehta | Charter School of Wilmington
    • Iveena Mukherjee | Charter School of Wilmington


Editor in Chief: Katie Ford | Dover YMCA


Chief Lobbyist: Laurel Patterson | Dover YMCA


Secretary of Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control:

Helen Xiang | Charter School of Wilmington

Secretary of Education:

Suhani Nangia | Charter School of Wilmington

Secretary of Correction, Safety, and Homeland Security:

Elizabeth Yue | Charter School of Wilmington

Secretary of Health and Social Services:

Aarush Sudamalla | Charter School of Wilmington

Secretary of Labor:

Gregory Earle | Middletown Family YMCA

Secretary of Agriculture:

Cailyn Pan | Charter School of Wilmington


Model UN

YMCA Model United Nations Program is designed to introduce students to the operation and structure of the United Nations while providing them with an opportunity to actively learn about world cultures and debate issues of international importance. Students will actively participate in conflict resolution, public speaking, and coalition building, in addition to making new friends and being exposed to new ideas. The program promotes leadership through character development while introducing students to a vast array of ideas.

Registration details coming soon!

Weekly Meetings will begin in early September!

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Our Mission

To empower youth, foster healthy living, and promote strong communities.