We’re Open And We Can’t Wait To See You!

The health and safety of our members and staff are our number one priorities. Check back regularly for the latest guidelines and updates.


11/17/2020: Per recent changes to state guidelines, everyone ages 5 and above is required to wear a facemask in all areas of the YMCA (except in the pool) beginning Monday, November 23rd.

  • Members will be required to wear a mask while on cardio equipment and when participating in small group, group exercise classes, or youth fitness/ kids club.
  • Masks in water are not required, however should be worn in the pool environment including to the pool edge for swimming.
  • Participants in outdoor classes, sports, and training are encouraged but not required to wear a mask at this time if they are actively exercising and maintaining a safe distance of 6 feet or more.

Mask Resources

We are following the guidelines set forth by the State of Delaware health and public officials and have taken all necessary steps to ensure a healthy and comfortable experience for our members and staff. Please check back frequently for more information and updates.

  • New HVAC equipment – In September 2020 Needle Point Bipolar Ionization Units were installed in the HVAC equipment at all of our locations! These units are recommended by the American Society of Heating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Engineers (ASHRAE) and are proven to be 99.4% effective in killing COVID 19.
  • Employee Wellness Checks – When reporting to work each day, all staff members will have their temperature taken and will participate in a health screening.
  • Face Coverings – Masks are required at all times in our facilities for everyone 5 years and older. This includes indoor group exercise classes, cardio and strength workouts, and in all transitional spaces within the facility. Participants in outdoor classes are encouraged but not required to wear a mask at this time. Masks or face shields will not be required while in the pool.
  • Cleaning and Sanitation – Mr. Clean and our team will be constantly sanitizing the building and equipment with EPA approved cleaners. Members should use the supplied wipes and disinfectant before and after using any equipment. An increased number of disinfectant wipe stations have been installed throughout the building.  Plus, we have implemented no-touch facility access and member check-in. Hands-free door openers are being installed wherever possible.
  • Equipment – Equipment has been spaced and staggered to ensure safe physical distancing. Members should wipe down all equipment before and after use using the disinfectant solution we provide.
  • Locker Rooms – Locker rooms and showers are open for general use. Please maintain social distancing. Masks must be worn at all times except when showering.
  • Saunas and Steam rooms – All saunas and steam rooms are open for no more than two members at a time.
  • Group Exercise – Group exercise will be offered on a modified schedule. Class participants must remain at least 6 feet apart at all times and must wear a face covering. Room capacity will be limited to ensure safe physical distancing. Virtual online classes and outdoor options are available.
  • Babysitting and Kids Zone is currently unavailable.
  • Programs – We are happy to now offer select programs like swim lessons, sports clinics, kids clubs and more! Click here for more information.
  • Pools – Many pools are open and are following safe physical distancing and government guidelines.
    • For lap swim, four swimmers are permitted per lane.
    • Modified water exercise class schedules and family/open swim will be available.

What are the hours of operation?
We have modified hours for deep cleaning. Click here to see hours by location.

Will you be providing health screenings to employees and members before they enter the Y?
All staff will be required to complete a daily health screening, including a temperature check, prior to the start of their shift. At this time, members will not be required to complete a health screening. However, members should stay home if they are feeling ill and will be asked to leave if they are displaying symptoms of illness.

Will you be limiting the number of people allowed in the building at one time?
State guidelines say that our Y’s should operate at 30% of building capacity, but do not worry! All our branches are very spacious, and our maximum capacity far exceeds the number of people in our buildings on a typical day.

What is your cleaning protocol?
Staff will follow government guidelines, increasing the cleaning frequency of high touch areas with EPA approved cleaners. Equipment used in group exercise classes will be cleaned before and after each use. Members should use the supplied wipes and disinfectant before and after using any equipment. An increased number of disinfectant wipe stations have been installed throughout the building. Plus, we have implemented no-touch facility access and member check-in. Hands-free door openers have been installed wherever possible.

Will basketball gymnasiums be open?
Pick-up sports like basketball, volleyball, racquetball, and squash are not be permitted during this time. Our gymnasiums may be repurposed for walking tracks and additional work out space.

Will guests be allowed to come to the Y?
Yes, guests are permitted. All guests entering the YMCA will be required to pay a daily guest fee ($25 Adult, $15 Child) unless they are a program spectator, or they are visiting the Y for the first time. All guests are required to follow all rules and regulations as outlined in the Membership Agreement and follow all requirements as outlined in state health and safety guidelines.

Are Program Spectators allowed to come to the Y?  Yes – Due to capacity and physical distancing requirements, one adult per participant will be permitted to attend indoor programs (swim lessons, swim team, etc.) as a spectator.  Spectators of programs are required to check-in at our Welcome Center where they must present a valid ID.  Siblings are discouraged from attending.  However, we understand when circumstances may require siblings to join a parent.  All visitors, including children, must follow mask requirements as outlined in state guidelines. Spectators’ access to the building is limited to the program area only.

Can I visit the Delaware YMCAs if I am a member of a Y in a different state?
Currently, we are not accepting members through national reciprocity. If you would like access to one of our seven facilities, you will need to have a YMCA of Delaware membership.

How are you going to handle members who choose not to follow the guidelines?
Staff will remind members of the guidelines put in place. If a member does not comply with staff guidance, the member will be asked to leave.


Will you still have group exercise classes?
Yes. Group exercise will be offered on a modified schedule and with physical distancing guidelines in place. Participants will be spaced at least six feet apart) We will offer indoor, outdoor, and virtual online classes.

Will there be a time limit for using the equipment?
Not at this time. We will be evaluating facility usage and demand for equipment on a daily basis. Time limits may be considered if needed.

Can I reserve my spot in a class?
Not at this time. Class participation is on a first-come, first-serve basis. We will be evaluating class sizes daily and adding classes as demand increases.

Can I resume with personal training?
Yes. All personal training for existing and new clients will continue using physical distancing best practices. You may also request virtual sessions. To learn more, contact your local branch.


I put my membership on hold; how do I reactivate it?
As of June 1st, all memberships that were put on hold will automatically be reactivated unless there was a special request to extend the hold past our reopening date. Please contact your home branch directly for any questions.

How long will my 20% Stay with Us loyalty rate be valid?
Your 20% discount will be active for 12 months following our reopening which is slated for June 1, 2020. After 12 months, your rate will return to the standard rate.

What will happen to my Stay with Us loyalty rate if I put my membership on hold?
The member loyalty rate is only valid if you keep your membership active. Once an account is put on hold, the discount will be removed.

If I join now, do I receive the 20% Stay with Us loyalty rate?
The member loyalty rate was implemented to allow us to provide community services like emergency childcare and food distribution. This discount was only for members who kept their membership active while our branches were temporarily closed for typical operations. Our standard rate now applies for new joins and members who put their membership on hold.

I participate in a Y discount program. Will my discount continue?
Most discounting programs, including Y-Connect and corporate memberships, have been discontinued. Members previously receiving discounts, who opted to place a hold on their membership, will be charged the full-membership pricing moving forward. There will be no rate changes for United Healthcare AARP Supplemental memberships or for those who are receiving Open Doors financial assistance and military discounts through 2020. Click here to see a list of rates.

Can you tell me about your Open Doors Financial Assistance Program?
As a non-profit organization, we are committed to making sure everyone has access to the Y. If you are facing financial hardship, we encourage you to apply for our Open Doors Financial Assistance program. Open Doors provides a sliding fee scale that is designed to fit everyone’s financial situation. Click here to apply for open doors.

Can I extend my membership hold?
We understand that you may not be ready to come back. If you would like to extend your membership hold for an additional month, please click here.

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Mask Policy Update

Per recent changes to state guidelines, everyone ages 5 and above is required to wear a facemask in all areas of the YMCA (except in the pool). For details and to learn more about the steps we are taking to ensure a healthy and comfortable experience for our members and staff, click here.