Kerri Kersey

Carrie Kersey’s life changed when she became aware that she was pregnant with twins. At 35 weeks, the babies were born with low birth weight and were immediately rushed to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). As a new parent and a single mother of twins who needed on-going medical care, Carrie was going through one of the hardest times in her life.

Three years later, as the girls continued to grow and thrive, Carrie was looking for a positive and safe environment for her daughters. She wanted to expose them to new experiences that would challenge them to grow, learn new things and meet new people so she looked into joining the Dover YMCA. She did not think that she could afford it, but she completed an application for the Y’s Open Doors Financial Assistance Program.

Since joining the Y, they have had wonderful experiences and Carrie believes, “The Y has truly changed our lives. Watching how much the girls have changed, grown and learned since we started coming here is amazing and fulfilling. I’m improving myself as well and I’m at the Y practically every day. I’ve developed friendships. I’m eating healthier and I’m teaching my girls how to make smart choices too. I needed help, I asked for help, and I got help.”

“I’m grateful for the opportunity my girls have now, thanks to the Open Doors Financial Assistance Program, and I’m thankful for every single person I’ve met here.”


Our Mission

The YMCA is an association of people of all ages, ethnic groups and religious affiliations that strives to cultivate the human potential, self-esteem, and dignity of all people. Our organization exists to develop and practice the Christian principles of love, caring, inclusiveness, justice and peace…and to enrich the emotional, physical and social life of all individuals, families and our community.


Stronger Together

At the Y, we stand against all forms of racism, discrimination and hatred. We have a strong commitment to diversity, inclusion and compassion for all.  We share the grief and outrage felt by the country in the wake of George Floyd’s death.  As we watch and experience the unrest and violence that continues to erupt throughout our communities, we acknowledge that this reality is fueled by generations of injustice. Together through the Y, we can be a positive force for change in every community we serve. We must unite. We must be heard, and we must do better.


Due to scheduled protests, the Central and Walnut Street YMCA's will close at 3 p.m. on Friday, June 5th.

The Sussex Family Y will close at 12 p.m. on Friday, June 5th.

The Bear-Family Y outdoor pools will close at 3 p.m. on Sunday, June 7th.