Bear-Glasgow Family YMCA – Stan Cuff

Stan Cuff has battled through an array of health issues over the past two decades. After suffering a stroke in October 2021, Stan turned to the Bear-Glasgow Y to help take control of his health. The Y’s staff stepped up to help. Stan enrolled in the YMCAs adaptive fitness program, which provides personal training to those living with disabilities, and he began his journey to rehabilitation.

Stan has since lost 50 pounds and feels healthier than he has in years. He hopes his story helps inspire others to change behaviors before they face the same hurdles he’s had to clear. Stan says “I nearly died… It seems what you do or don’t do in one decade, determines the outcomes you’ll experience in the following decades.”

Thanks to financial support from the Ys Open Doors program, Stan is able to train one-on-one with Adaptive Fitness Coordinator Zachary Lipson, who has seen vast improvements in his mobility, strength, and overall health. “The mission of the Y is to reach out and help those who are underserved.” Stan says. “I’m making progress, gaining muscle, decreasing fat, and all of it’s because of the programs I participate in here at the Y that are just abundant.”

You can learn more about the YMCA of Delaware Adaptive Fitness program here:

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