Dover YMCA – CJ Ramirez

In 2021, CJ Ramirez was forced to leave his job due to severe injuries following a car accident. CJ had already been dealing with a variety of pre-existing health conditions including nerve damage, bursitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Looking to get his health on track, CJ turned to the Dover YMCA and was provided with financial support through the Open Doors program to give him and his family access to the Y. Through that act of kindness, CJ found new purpose, opportunity to rehab and motivation to make healthy lifestyle changes.

CJ says staying on the path to better health was made easier thanks to the encouragement of fellow Y members and the staff at the Dover branch. “It’s the atmosphere that really lets you strive to be better,” CJ says. “When I came here, everybody was just really nice. That stuff really helps when you’re trying to progress because you don’t feel like anybody’s pulling you down.”

Since February of 2022, CJ has lost 150 pounds and even found a new career at the Dover YMCA, helping other Y members as a Member Services Representative. He continues his health and fitness journey and hopes his story inspires those in similar situations to turn to the Y for support. You can find more information on all the Dover Y has to offer here:

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