Kourtney and Kymani

Kourtney dreamed of giving her daughter the same summer camp experience she had growing up. But after being diagnosed with stage two breast cancer, she didn’t think this would ever be a reality. “We were struggling financially from all the medical bills and the loss of my job. I didn’t want Kymani to suffer. Finding a way to send her to camp was my problem. She has had enough to deal with.”

Thanks to financial assistance funded by donor support, Kourtney was able to send her daughter Kymani to YMCA Camp Tockwogh. The experience was everything she wanted for her 11-year-old daughter. In the two weeks that she was there, Kymani made new friends and learned new skills. She especially loved archery and kayaking.

“I only received one letter.” Kourtney laughs. “I knew she was having a good time because it was so short. She just wrote, ‘Mom, I’m having fun. Bye.’ I could tell she just wanted to get back to all the action.”

While Kourtney continues to prioritize her health, Kymani will be getting back to all the action at Camp Tockwogh again this summer. “I have great memories of camp,” says Kourtney. “I still keep in touch with one of the girls I went to camp with and I am so happy she is able to have the same experiences.”


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