Bear-Glasgow YMCA Expands with A New Functional Training Center

The Bear-Glasgow Family YMCA opened a new Functional Training Center Wednesday with a formal ribbon-cutting ceremony. “It’s like being in a candy store!” said Dwayne Hodges, a regular at the Y who waited three months for the remodeled space to open. Hodges, a US Army veteran, said the center reminds him of the traditional physical training he received during his 22 years of military service. There are monkey bars that challenge members, along with tires ranging from 60 to 220 pounds to lift, torque tank power sleds to pull, a punching bag, and a 15- foot vertical rope for members to climb.

“It goes back to the basics…there are a lot of people who want to come out to hit the bag and climb the ropes to prepare for other sports and stay in shape. For me, this is just going to be a lot of fun,” Hodges said. The ex-paratrooper says he also can’t wait to try out the new state-of-the-art fitness equipment like the Assault Air Runner Treadmills and a Rouge Echo Air Bike.

Functional training is the latest trend in the fitness community, with its combination of “old school” workout equipment along with new, cutting- edge equipment. Senior Health and Wellness Director Marty White was behind the move to open the center saying, “Functional training is one of the more popular trends in fitness and it allows almost anyone looking to pursue a healthier lifestyle to actually participate and engage in activities,” he said.  Anyone 14 years and older can use the center and can sign up for a variety of classes for an additional fee.

“I am very excited to see all of the equipment that we’re going to have to offer our members just to keep up with what’s going with fitness across the industry and I appreciate that the Y is keeping up with that,” said trainer Maura VanBerkom. Trainers like VanBerkom will lead small group classes in the new center ranging from obstacle course racing to Olympic lifting training.

Also featured in the Functional Training Center are computerized heart rate monitors that members can purchase. The monitors track a user’s heart rate and work-out results which will be displayed on a large electronic screen so users can pace themselves. “It’s going to be fun, and it will really get you results,” said White who expects to see a lot of friendly competition with the on-screen display boards in the Functional Training Center.

Special rates are being offered at the Bear-Glasgow Family YMCA for those who wish to join and use the Functional Training Center. All new members who join the Bear-Glasgow YMCA between June 5 -30 will have their joiner’s fee waived when registering for a small group training class in the new Functional Training Center. Call (302) 836-9622 for more details.


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