Keri Edwards

Keri has been a long-time member of the YMCA of Delaware, participating in programs such as soccer, day camp, and Youth in Government, a mock-legislative program that helps teens develop confidence, practice leadership and learn civic responsibility. Keri’s participation in Youth in Government (YIG) has helped her to develop a passion for democratic governance.

While Keri admits that the program has challenged her abilities, the strong bonds she has built with her peers has enabled her to overcome difficulties and build lasting friendships.

At the last Annual Youth in Government Conference at Legislative Hall in Dover, Keri had the opportunity to serve as a lawyer and was nominated to attend the National Judicial Conference in Chicago. Her trip to Chicago allowed Keri to engage with teen leaders from across the country and further fueled her passion to one day become a lawyer.

Reflecting on her experiences, Keri knows that, “If it wasn’t for financial support, there would have been no way for me to go to Chicago. There wouldn’t have been a way for me to deepen my love and understanding of law. I would have missed the opportunity to sit and engage with students from all across the country. Because of community support, I, along with thousands of youth across Delaware feel empowered. Thank you!”

Our Mission

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