Impact Stories

Many of the Y stories below are made possible through community support. When you give to the Y, 100% of your gift goes to programs and financial assistance for children, families, and individuals in need. Together, we can close the achievement gap, promote healthy lifestyles, and provide life-changing experiences to families. Help transform lives by Donating today.

Brandywine YMCA – Matthew Marchiani

Matthew Marchiani has always loved to swim, but he did not have the skills needed to keep him safe around water. At 10 years old, he joined the SWAM (Swimming With Autism) program at the Brandywine YMCA, and has made tremendous strides over the years.

Bear-Glasgow Family YMCA – Stan Cuff

Stan Cuff has battled through an array of health issues over the past two decades. After suffering a stroke in October 2021, Stan turned to the Bear-Glasgow Y to help take control of his health. The Y’s staff stepped up to help. Stan enrolled in the YMCAs adaptive fitness program ...

Central YMCA – Y Mission Market

When the Y Mission Market opened in September of 2022, local residents like Curtis Finney were happy to have a place to go when money is tight. “You might come short on supplies or toiletries, and you don’t know which way to turn,” said Curtis. “A lot of people are in doubt or they’re too afraid to ask. This Y is using the donations very well.”

Dover YMCA – CJ Ramirez

In 2021, CJ Ramirez was forced to leave his job due to severe injuries following a car accident. CJ had already been dealing with a variety of pre-existing health conditions including nerve damage, bursitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Looking to get his health on track ...

Middletown YMCA – Jessica Frederick

Jessica Frederick’s world changed overnight when her cousin passed away suddenly, and she was given custody of her three children. ...

Sussex YMCA – Megan Wallace

The stigma of single moms needing financial assistance weighed heavy on Megan Wallace and often prevented her from asking for help. When a neighbor raved about Camp Oowassis at the Sussex YMCA, Wallace knew she needed to put her pride aside for her kids. ...

Camp Tockwogh – Wyatt & Alice

For more than a century, Camp Tockwogh has provided a safe space for kids to learn, make lifelong memories, develop new friendships, and spend time in nature - away from the digital world. For many campers, this is all made possible thanks to financial support through the Open Doors program.

Walnut Street YMCA – Essence Legacy

The Essence Legacy Performing Arts program for youth has provided a safe outlet to area kids since 2016. It’s recently expanded from a Percussion & Drill team, to incorporate Step, Majorette, Color Guard and Cheerleading. A program that started with just 16 participants of drummers and steppers, has grown to 90 performers enrolled within the five groups. ...

Western Family YMCA – Anne & Chuck

Anne Dunlap suffered a traumatic brain injury from a car accident in 1998, two months after graduating from high school. For years, Anne’s mother looked for places where Anne could have access to physical activity in an inclusive environment. ...

YMCA Livestrong – Olivia

“LIVESTRONG has really been an enhancement to my life.”

LiveSTRONG at the YMCA – KT

"We all help each other. We are a tight knit family now."
Jessica on Suspension Equipment


“Maria now sees herself doing things that she couldn’t do before… it’s priceless.”


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